How metal fences are incredibly durable and hold up well for a couple of decades. That's all true, but if it's aesthetics and affordability you want, wood will serve better.

Wooden fences have been used for centuries. The material is highly versatile, completely customizable and above all, eco-friendly. It can be the virgin, reclaimed or recycled to suit your preference and crafted into designs of your choice. All this is done at a much cheaper rate than ordering metal fencing which isn't cheap and is difficult to customize regarding design.

No matter what type of fence is chosen, privacy and security are the two biggest factors to consider. The same applies to wooden fences. Here are a few designs that guarantee both and look great with any architecture.

Lattice fence

Lattice designs are more than pretty; they serve to make peeping in tougher while also preventing you from feeling too confined as with a block wall. One of the more attractive features of this design is its ability to be incorporated with other fence styles so the latticework can be featured on the top. Not only does this allow complete privacy and security but it also enhances the landscape.

If privacy is not a significant concern but fencing in children and pets is, go with an entirely latticed fence. A diamond or square pattern looks great especially if vegetation is encouraged to grow. Just make sure it's robust enough to carry the weight of the greenery.


Stockade fences may seem a little too rustic in the middle of the city, but if the architecture of your house complements it, it won't stand out like a sore thumb.

This design is among those that offer perfect security and privacy. The tops are pointed like the ends of spears while the body boarded up so no one can peer in. Adding vegetation at the bottom can remove the severity though creepers and climbers may provide cushioning at the pointy tops so avoid planting any.

Lock board

The lock board style assures complete privacy and is extremely sturdy as all the boards are tightly spaced. The construction method itself guarantees that breaking or prying out the boards would be tough.

Where stockade is rustic, lock board is smooth and elegant. It would go well with royal houses or to fence in beautifully kept yards.


Picket fences are classic and though not the most secure or the most private, are still favored over many others for their style. We're most used to the single short vertical rails with pointed ends attached to horizontal rails. But, there are more decorative designs with the tops featuring new horizontal rails and shorter vertical rails neatly sitting in between taller rails.

If an all-wood fence is not what you want, consider iron and wood. They look grand and are very secure. In fact, most fences today combine the two not only because of security but cost. You can have iron rails and wooden posts or a full wooden fence with iron grates spaced out every yard or so. There's no limit to design and if you're stumped for ideas, speak with the contractor who might have a few you'll love.