As pool fence increasingly become prevalent among American households, the need for safety around these recreation areas becomes imperative as well. Not many people know that while swimming pools are great areas for fun and bonding for the family, they can also be lethal if safety precautions are ignored. Studies reveal that drowning is the leading cause of death in kids under five years old in Florida, California, and Arizona. Even if the drowning isn't fatal, near-drowning incidents can cause severe trauma and irreversible brain damage. Statistics show that drowning-related events in the U.S. are common even among wealthy families with educated parents and attentive sitters, which only goes to show that even responsible parenting and supervision fails in preventing drowning.

Pool fences are known to prevent these tragedies from happening; some states even require homeowners to install one if they are building pools in their homes. A Pool Fence ST Petersburg is an excellent way to ensure safety if you have small kids or pets that are in danger of wandering off near the pool area unsupervised. 

Why you need it pool fence:

1.) Safety. Pool fences indicate the area where you should stop and would inform people that passing over the fence means the increase in danger risks. Other pool safety tools are helpful too, but pool fences serve as the first barrier.

2.) The law states that every swimming pool should be built with pool fences around it. If agents or law enforcers see your pool without the pool fences, they will have you arrested. 

3.) The size of your pool can also be determined through the use of the fences.

4.) Liable. Any harm done to kids using the pool whether your own or by the others can be blamed on you. But the fact that you have followed the law of building a fence leaves you not guilty.