Wire fences are common and they have many different uses. There are several different types of Calgary wire fences and it is important to understand them when making a decision on the best wire fence for you. 

Benefits of Calgary Wire Fences

Some of the benefits of wire fences are that they allow you to keep in pets. If you have an animal at your home or business you want to ensure that they are not able to escape and this is where a fence comes in handy. A fence encloses the area that you choose in order to help ensure that the area is completely blocked off. Wire fences also help to deter others from coming on to your property. It is much more difficult for people to obtain access to your home or business when it is fenced in. This is because it creates an obstacle for them that they either have to go over or through. It is a great way to add a form of security to your location. 

Calgary Wire Fences Woven

Fences that are woven have horizontal and vertical wires that attach to each other in 12 or 6 inch increments. These fences are typically 48 or 36 inches tall. These fences are generally used to help keep out predators and to contain livestock. These fences last a great deal longer than wire fences of other types but also come with a high-cost investment initially. To help discourage predators from climbing over the fence or digging under it. You can also use barbed wire at the bottom and the top of the fence. 

Barbed Wire 

Another type of fence is barbed wire fencing. With this type of fence, wires are twisted together forming a cord with barbs that protrude from the fence at intervals of 4 or even 5 inches. These types of fences help with discouraging animals that would otherwise try to find a way through your fence. This type of fence comes in many different patterns and sizes.