There are various reasons why you want to enclose your home. Whatever the reason, there are several factors you must put in to consideration before fencing and these are;
1. The purpose of the fence.

•You may need to fence for privacy so that you home is enclosed for the outside world. You can choose a complete or partial fence for your home according to the level of privacy needed.

•Security for kids and pets, then the fence must be high enough so that the pets do not climb over. Also ensure the pets are not able to dig beneath the fence.

•Appearance. This will make your home more appealing since fencing is part of landscaping and therefore increasing your property value.

2. Your personal taste.

There are several varieties of materials and style for fencing. Look around your neighborhood and choose the one that is most appealing to you. Aluminium or vinyl is preferred by most home owner's but you may also like; wooden, steel fencing among others.

3. Your budget.

In this you must consider the cost in the long term such as maintenance and installation since the cheapest fencing might be the most expensive in the long run. Wooden fencing is cheaper to purchase and install while the aluminium or vinyl is more expensive.

4. Maintenance.

Consider how often your fencing type need to be maintained, availability of materials for repair and also if you have the time. Wooden fencing need more maintenance in painting. However, aluminium or vinyl requires minimal maintenance but when they do, you might find the materials out of the market thus you will need to replace the whole fence.

5. Home owner's association.

If you area has regulations for development, ensure you comply with them.

6. Hire a professional fence contractor. While ensuring your fence is installed correctly, the contractor will also help you get all the required permits from your county.