Iron fence is very beautiful and attractive at first.Maintenance and proper management of your iron fence is necessary. Iron reacts with water and oxygen to form hydrated iron III oxide, which is red in color. In order to keep iron fence in it beautiful shape and color you have to apply several preventive measure. You have to use several methods to prevent the harsh weather conditions against your fence. These preventive methods are:

1. Paint your iron fence.

Painting is a wonderful method you can use to prevent your iron fence from rusting. By painting you prevent direct contact of your fence from oxygen and water. Without water and oxygen, oxidation of iron will not take place. By painting your iron fence will look more attractive as while. Before you paint your iron fence make sure you use oil based paints as they are the best to prevent iron from rusting.

2. Use of rust converter

This product is readily available in all the markets and instructions of how to use the product is attached it.You can apply this product to your fence every time you clean your fence. This product helps prevent iron from rusting. You can apply the rust converter one coat all round your fence. In case you see any signs of rust you reapply rust converter to this parts.

3. Soft cleaning of the fence.

This method is effective also but it should be repeated every month. You use soft cloth to clean any spots of the rusts every week. You should moisten the cloth you are using before using. After cleaning with the moist cloth dry using a dry cloth.

4. Prevention and protection

Some places have very high humidity and need for protection from this is very important. The best way of prevention and protection is use of wax. Apply wax on iron fence surfaces to prevent rusting. During rainy season you can use a trap to avoid water contact.

5. Clean iron fence by use of a wire brush.

By use of a wire brush you can clean all the rust deposit in your fence. After cleaning of your iron fence, use a dish detergent and clean up using warm water to clean the rust spots.

6. Inspect your fence regularly.

Always ensure you check your fence now and then. Check for any signs of rust in your fence. If you see any signs of rusting apply the appropriate method to prevent rusting.